Plan your whisky tour of Scotland

Are you planning a whisky tour of Scotland or looking to add a distillery or two into your travel itinerary? Whisky Tourer is a guide to Scottish whisky distilleries to help you find the best tours and whisky tastings for you.

Scottish Whisky Distillery Map

Discover distilleries to visit
Whisky Map

Choosing the best distilleries to visit

There are approximately 120 distilleries in Scotland producing single malt whisky. Many of these have visitor centres and offer distillery tours and whisky tastings.

With so many choices, planning a whisky trip to Scotland is an enjoyable task but it can be problematic developing itineraries from afar. This guide features The Scottish Whisky Distillery Map, distillery profiles and whisky tour itinerary ideas on this site. All are designed to make it easier for you to choose the best distillery tours and whisky tasting experiences for you.

Why visit a distillery?

Many towns and villages across Scotland have a whisky distillery nearby. Some even have two and Campbeltown has three!

Visiting a distillery is one of the top things to do on a holiday to Scotland and you don’t need to be an connoisseur or even to like whisky. Scotland’s distilleries each have a story to tell. They are important parts of the local community. Many of them are very attractive and are decades, even centuries old. They are often in beautiful landscapes near other tourist attractions such as castles. You’ll often find lovely village walks and traditional Scottish golf courses nearby.

Whisky tasting
Distillery tours end with a whisky tasting. Some distilleries also have tasting only experiences.

Many distilleries open to the public offer a range of guided tours from introduction to in depth as well as different levels of whisky tastings. Look out for warehouse tastings, manager’s tours and food and whisky pairing experiences. Here are some tips to get the most from whisky distillery tour.

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