Aberfeldy Distillery

Aberfeldy Distillery’s whisky is known as the Golden Whisky. It sources its water from the Pitilie Burn which is also a source of alluvial gold commonly known as goldust. The distillery was built by one of the great whisky blending families, the Dewars, in 1896 with the first whisky flowing in 1898.

The history of Dewar’s blended whisky stretches back to 1846. Originally the inspiration of John Dewar it has become one of the world’s most well know blended whiskies. Aberfeldy single malt a key component. John Dewar’s sons, John Alexander and Tommy went onto establish Aberfeldy Distillery which is Dewar’s brand home. Tommy also gave the whisky world the Highball, a combination of whisky, soda and lemon garnish.

Part of the Aberfeldy's taste profile is a honey note and it is often paired with honey in cocktail drinks. Bee populations have experienced a dramatic decline over the years. The Aberfeldy Distillery Barrels and Bees programme aims to raise awareness of their plight and to encourage honey consumers to buy local honey and plant for honey bees.

Aberfeldy Distillery Tours and Tastings

Aberfeldy has a number of tour and tasting options. The Aberfeldy Distillery Tour includes a warehouse visit and learning about double ageing maturation followed by tasting. The tour lasts about 90 minutes. The tour can be upgraded to a cask whisky tasting version. It also includes a self guided visit to the heritage exhibition.

Aberfeldy lies on the outskirts of the attractive town of Aberfeldy. Other distilleries close by include Blair Athol and Edradour.

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