Bladnoch Distillery

Bladnoch Distillery was established in 1817 when two farmers were granted a licence to produce whisky on their farm. Bladnoch is a lowland whisky and is one of the largest privately owned distilleries in Scotland. It also happens to be the most southerly distillery in Scotland. Bladnoch’s Master Distiller is Dr Nick Savage who was previously at Macallan.

The distillery lies about 1 mile from Wigtown which is famous for its second hand bookshops – around 15 of them!

Bladnoch single malt whisky is bottled in distinctive square shaped bottles. The whisky is naturally coloured and non chill filtered. Bladnoch experiments with different cask finishes for example Samsara (meaning rebirth) which is a blend of malts from ex bourbon casks and ex Californian red wine casks. In addition to single malts, the company produces blended Scotch. Their blend, Pure Scotch is a combination of Lowland Bladnoch whisky combined with Speyside and Islay single malts.

An 1836 a newspaper reported that a magpie was observed by a local to be a bit unsteady on its feet. Realising it was a bit tipsy, the magpie was taken home to sober up. Reassuringly, the bird recovered. Further enquiries found that it had been seen “luxuriating among the grains of Bladnoch Distillery where the whisky made is proverbially so strong and good, that even the refuse which is thrown away would stand a second brewing”.

The Bladnoch Classic Tour & Tasting takes about 1 hour and features a tasting from the range and an opportunity to try the new make spirit.

Bladnoch Distillery is in  the lowland whisky region. The whisky character tends toward light and floral. Other Lowland Malt Distilleries include Glasgow, Clydebank and Glenkinchie.

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