Cardhu Distillery

Cardhu has an appealing history with roots in illicit distilling. Helen & John Cumming established an illicit distillery in 1811. Helen used to raise a red flag to warn other distillers that the excise man was in the area. She is now depicted on the bottles. Cardhu is also known as the home of Johnnie Walker as its malt is an important component of the blends.

Cardhu is also known as the home of Johnnie Walker and Cardhu single malt is an important component of the blends. In 2019, Diageo, owners of Cardhu launched White Walker. This Game of Thrones inspired blend is designed to be consumed very cold and kept in the freezer. It contains Cardhu and Clynelish. There is a growing trend for this style of whisky designed to be very cold. Dalwhinnie Winters Gold is a single malt example.

Cardhu Distillery Tours and Whisky Tastings

We hope to bring you details of Cardhu’s distillery tours and whisky tastings in the near future.

Cardhu Distillery is undergoing a transformation as part of Diageo’s wider Four Corner’s Project. Developments are to include an upgraded visitor experience making the current Johnnie Walker Brand Home building central to the visitor experience with an exhibition, distillery shop and whisky tasting experiences. Plans also include also warehouse tastings and a premier whisky tasting area.

Outside there will be a dramming garden (outdoor whisky tasting) and a statue of Johnnie Walker and Helen Cumming.  There will also be an orchard, reflecting the fresh fruit and grassy nature of Cardhu single malt. Although there won’t be an indoor cafe, there is provision for an outdoor  one. Cardhu is in a fairly isolated location surrounded by farmland and barley fields providing the ideal backdrop to the developments at Cardhu Distillery.

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