Glen Moray Distillery

Glen Moray Distillery was established in 1897 and is situated in Speyside’s capital, Elgin. The water source is from the River Lossie which winds its through the town. Glen Moray has a strong heritage of using different barrel types to finish its whisky from Chardonnay to Port Casks to Oloroso Sherry. The logo features a bee hive reflecting the honey smell of around the distillery during production.

Glen Moray Distillery evolved out of the West Brewery Company which was known for its beers and stout. Most distilleries built around the late 1800’s were built near railways. Glen Moray was influenced by the excellent location and water source which meant it was some distance away from the railway.

Glen Moray has a strong association with blended whisky. It’s a key constituent of Label 5 as is Starlaw Grain Distillery. Glen Moray is now home to Cutty Sark blended whisky which came to the fore during US prohibition.

Glen Moray Distillery Tours

Pre Covid-10 times, Glen Moray offered a good value at £7. The tour included 2 complimentary tastings led by your tour guide. Tour duration 1 hour.

The distillery currently offers a wide range of tastings including a Limited Edition Flight at £20. This often includes scarce whiskies.

Glen Moray is situated on the western edge of Elgin. It’s an approximate 20 minute from the centre of Elgin. Glen Moray has many Speyside distilleries close by including BenRiach, Strathisla and Glenfiddich.

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