Holyrood Distillery

Holyrood Distillery is a new distillery, opened in July 2019 with the aim of bringing back single malt whisky distillation to Edinburgh after nearly a century’s absence. The distillery may be new but it’s contained within a 180 year old railway building. Like many modern distilleries, it’s not all about whisky as they also produce vodka and gin. They also have a cask ownership scheme. Clients are able to choose from a variety of spirit flavour profiles and even choose the type of cask they wish to mature the spirit in. Options even include the type of barley to be used

The long and narrow building Holyrood Distillery is housed in influences the unusual layout of the distillery and even the height of its copper stills. The stills are almost the tallest in Scotland (Glenmorangie has the tallest). The only way to put them in place was to remove the distillery roof.

Holyrood is capable of making a variety of whisky styles and experimentation is at the heart of their whisky making philosophy.

The distillery is in a very central location and because it’s a new distiller, it has been designed with both whisky distillation and the tour experience at the forefront.

Holyrood Distillery Tours

Holyrood Distillery is also providing an online distillery tour and tasting experience.

The Holyrood Distillery Virtual Tour and Whisky Tasting is priced at £65 for two people. It includes a virtual tour, a tasting of four drams as well as tasting glasses.

Edinburgh is undergoing a huge whisky revival with Holyrood Distillery arriving on the scene and the Johnnie Walker Experience due to open in 2021. These are in addition to one of Edinburgh’s top attractions, The Scotch Whisky Experience. Edinburgh is also home to many whisky pubs. The nearest traditional distillery open to visitors is Glenkinchie.

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