Kingsbarns Distillery

Kingsbarns is one of Scotland’s newer distilleries and is owned by the Wemyss family who have strong roots in whisky and independent bottling. The distillery uses barley from the rich fertile fields of Fife and the first casks were filled in 2015.

The spirit that comes off the still (new make) cannot legally be called whisky until it has matured for three years and in practice, it will usually be left to mature for much longer. Like other new distilleries, Kingsbarns bottles this and sell this as New Make Spirit.

Kingsbarns Distillery Tours

The Kingsbarns Distillery Tour (£12) includes a visit to the exhibition space, a guided tour of the distillery followed by a tasting of new make spirit and the single malt ‘Dream to Dram’. Duration 1 hour. Other options include the 2 hour Dream to Dram (£50) tour involving a more in depth tour experience and tasting. Duration 2 hours.

Glen Moray is situated to the west of Elgin. There are many distilleries close by including BenRiach, Macallan and Strathisla. Discover more distilleries on the distilleries page, map page or the whisky route planner.

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