Lindores Abbey Distillery

Lindores Abbey Distillery only started production in 2017 yet it’s steeped in the history of whisky and is associated with the first written record of whisky production in Scotland (1494). John Cor, a monk was commissioned by King James IV of Scotland to make aqua vitae. Whisky at that time would be known as aqua vitae, the water of life. The distillery aims to use local barley and the waste from the mashing process (draff) is used as animal feed.

The spirit that runs off the still is called new make. In some distilleries you can taste the new make and it gives a good indication of the future character of the whisky. This spirit has to mature for at least 3 years in oak casks before it can be called scotch whisky. The distillery bottles some of its new make and makes it available for purchase.

Lindores Abbey Distillery Tours

In normal times, the distillery offers The Lindores Abbey Distillery Tour (£12.50) which includes a tour of the whisky making process followed by a tasting of 3 drams includes the distillery’s Aqua Vitae. Other options include an Apothecary Experience (£75) where you can explore your senses of taste and smell to create your own truly unique version of Aqua Vitae to take home (20cl), using herbs, spices and spirit tinctures. Duration 2.5 hours.

In Covid-19 times, the distillery adapted its tour and tasting offerings. 

Whisky and History Tours and Tastings within the visitor centre and abbey ruins.  Parts of the distillery will not be open to the public, but there are a series of films about the production of whisky at the site. Includes guidebook and a tasting. (£10)

For more information about what’s available at Lindores Abbey visit their website.

Lindores Abbey Distillery and Tour Highlights

How to get there

Lindores Abbey Distillery near the village of Newburgh in Fife region.  It’s well located for travelling from Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth.

If you are driving, please note that drink driving laws in Scotland are extremely strict and there is a zero tolerance policy. Check with Lindores Abbey Distillery as to how they cater for drivers before booking. For detailed directions click on the link within the map.


Lindores Abbey Distillery consistently receives very good reviews for its tours and whisky tastings. It has more than 80 Tripadvisor reviews.

Where next?

You can keep up to date with Lindores Abbey Distillery by connecting with their social media accounts. You can also sign up to their newsletter via their website. Discover more distilleries using the whisky map or route.

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