Glengyle Distillery

Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery dates back to 1872. It stopped production in 1925 and fell silent before restarting production 75 years later in 2000. The barley is malted at Glen Scotia’s malting floor. The distillery is home to Kilkerran single malt a name chosen to reflect the area and avoid confusion with other products.

Campbeltown was once known as the Land of Whisky. Alfred Barnard who journeyed around Scotland’s Whisky Distilleries in the 1880’s noted that there were no less than twenty one distilleries in Campbeltown. His journey into Campbeltown was long but pleasant. He had a brief visit to the Glengyle Distillery.

Mitchell's Glengyle Distillery Tours

The Kilkerran Tour (£10) includes the history of the distillery and guided tour of the production areas followed by a dram. Plus complimentary glass & miniature. Duration 1 hour. Other options include a tasting only experience which includes whisky from Glen Scotia (sister distillery).

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