Springbank Distillery

Springbank Distillery was established in 1828 and is still in the hands of the founding family. It’s the oldest independent distillery in Scotland and there is an emphasis on tradition with all aspects of whisky production including using a malting floor. In addition to Springbank single malt, the distillery produces peated whisky (Longrow) & triple distilled (Hazelburn) whisky.

Longrow was first produced in 1973. This was the result of an experiment to prove that the Islay style of peated whiskies could be produced on the Scottish mainland. Now more distilleries are producing are using peated whiskies such as BenRiach. Benromach a Speyside Whisky Region representative focuses on peat.


Springbank Distillery Tours

The Springbank Tour (£10) allows you to see each step of the whisky making process follow by a dram from the core range. Other options include a tasting only (£15) consisting of five drams including Springbank, Kilkerran and Cadenhead’s bottling.

Springbank Distillery is in the great whisky producing region of Campbeltown which was once home to over 25 distilleries. Now only three remain including Glen Scotia and Mitchell’s Glengyle each with its own visitor centre so it makes a great place to spend some time touring distilleries.

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