Whisky Tour Information

An eclectic page of practical information, articles and frequently asked questions to help your whisky trip and distillery tour planning. Look out for our whisky route itineraries designed to make planning a whisky tour easier.

Speyside Whisky Tour Ideas

Use this outline itinerary to build your own Speyside Whisky Tour around the area’s distilleries.

Islay Whisky Tour Ideas

An outline itinerary to the Islay Whisky Distilleries. Develop your own Islay Whisky Tour around the island’s distilleries.

Inverness and Highland Whisky Tour Ideas

An outline itinerary to help you build an Inverness and Highland Whisky Tour.

Edinburgh Whisky Tour Itinerary

Discover Edinburgh’s rich history, museums and whisky places including Holyrood Distillery. Use our guide to develop your own Edinburgh Whisky Tour.

Campbeltown Whisky Tour Itinerary

Campbeltown has three distilleries within walking distance from each other. Here’s an outline itinerary to help you build a Campbeltown Whisky Tour.

Aberdeenshire Whisky Tour Itinerary

Explore castles and whisky distilleries in Aberdeenshire region. Here is an outline itinerary to help you build an Aberdeenshire Whisky Tour.

Whisky Distillery Map

An interactive map of many of the whisky distilleries in Scotland to aid your tour planning. See map

Distillery Tour Tips

Visiting whisky distilleries is a great way to connect with the social history of Scotland, its whisky and its people. Here are a few tips and some advice about how to get the most from your tour experience. Read more

Route Planner

Prepare for a brief tour around Scotland and its distilleries in a few short paragraphs …. it can help with orientation, highlight a few sights you may already be aware of and help develop your route and itinerary. Read more

How to taste whisky …

You might already have your own tasting routine but if not, try this …. Read more

Distilleries offering online whisky tasting

There’s a quiet revolution going on. Some Scottish whisky distilleries are offering online whisky tastings.

Scottish Distilleries with Malting Floors

Most Scottish distilleries have  a strong sense of tradition. In days gone by they used malting floors to ready the barley for the production process. Some still keep this tradition alive … Read more

Bottle your own Whisky

A number of Scottish Whisky distilleries offer a bottle your own whisky service. These special bottlings make an ideal memento of your whisky tour or a great way to mark a special occasion.

Whisky Blending Tours

Discover blending tours and experiences where you can make your own single malt whisky or blended whisky.

Whisky Distillery Regions

Scotland is divided into whisky making regions, Highland, Speyside, Lowland, Islay and Campbeltown. View distilleries offering tours by whisky region.

Scottish Whisky Map Image to click through to map page
Whisky Distillery Map

Scottish Whisky Distillery Map The Scottish Whisky Distillery Map highlights  distilleries around Scotland that you can visit. Use the map to plan your distillery tours and whisky tastings. All these

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Glenfiddich Van

Scottish Whisky Tour This Scottish Whisky Tour Itinerary is not about visiting every distillery. It represents  a brief whistle stop route around Scotland on one web page and is designed

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Distillery Tour Tips

Tips to get the most from distillery tours Visiting whisky distilleries is a great way to connect with the social history of Scotland, its whisky and its people. Here are

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